Inoblock Usage

A system for hard-driving Professionals

INOBLOCK® is truly an innovative technique. It is creating a revolution in the construction industry.
It allows the completion of constructions in a very short time and with an ease superior to all conventional techniques.
The multiplicity of applications is surprising! With INOBLOCK, it is possible to carry out all type of construction, from a simple wall to complex structures, always extremely robust.

What you can build with the INOBLOCK system:

Liner or mosaic swimming pools
Multifunctional buildings
Non-residential buildings

A successful system in Canada and the United States

Concerned with the environment and energy savings, RP Industries made a substantial investment in R&D for the development and patenting of an innovative construction block in accordance with the ICF system (Insulated Concrete Forms). This system enjoys great success in Canada, the United States, and in some European countries.

INOBLOCK is a construction system made out of EPS insulating blocks of high density (30 Kg/m3) which, after assembly, are filled with reinforced concrete, creating the exterior and structural walls of the building. This innovative and patented system combines the high resilience of reinforced concrete and the high insulating capacity of our EPS blocks. This perfect combination creates a wall with exceptional properties and superior structural resilience. The wall’s high thermic and acoustic capacities allow savings between 50% and 60% in climatization costs and a noise reduction of about 48 dB.

Initially developed in the United States and Canada, the EPS blocks construction system is being used, worldwide, for the last 40 years. Thousands of buildings were built according to the ICF system due to the robustness of this type of construction and the excellent thermic and acoustic insulation they provide, allowing great savings in energy consumption.