Insulation and comfort

  • Double thermic and acoustic insulation
  • Exterior insulation preventing interior cold walls
  • Interior insulation making it easier to increase and maintain the room temperature
  • High energy performance (higher comfort)
  • Excellent acoustic insulation (better than in traditional construction)
  • Elimination of weak thermic points

Ecological system

  • Products 100% recyclable
  • The little amount of debris resulting from constructions is 100% recyclable
  • Reduced energy consumption in transport and during construction
  • Reduced loading, transport and downloading time
  • Handling does not require any special tools

Easy construction

  • Easy to handle and transport (light product: 1,9 Kg per block)
  • Construction up to twice as fast as traditional construction
  • Concrete pouring in a single time (hight: one floor)
  •   Easy to install windows and doors
  • Compatible with all types of interior and exterior finishings

Economic system

  • Up to 40% less expensive when compared to tradicional construction
  •   Reduced heating costs for life
  •   Reduced financial investment
  • House quickly available
  • Maintenance almost inexistent


100% reinforced concrete structure


  • Structure 100% reinforced concrete
  • Long lasting
  • Excellent performance in the presence of seismic activity
  • High resistance to fire

With the Inoblock® concept, it is possible to build quickly
and easily.